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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Chemicals vs Oils

First, I am happy to announce today that my rheumatologist says my joints all look good and he gave me permission to try to come off the rasuvo (injectable methotrexate)! I have been wanting to come off of this for a while, being on a cancer drug is scary, no matter how low a dose it is. It is only an experiment to see if I am really going back into remission, hopefully I won't have to go back on it. 

While I rid my body of one chemical, it calls for another; Florida allergy season is upon me. My biggest issue I know is the pollen and orange trees, the bloom and my eyes won't stop itching. 

For the last couple years, I have taken a perscription drug that has worked very well. With being on all the medications I have been on recently, I would like to avoid the extra doses if I can. So, I am trying my essential oils for relief. 

I have made a roller ball of lavender, peppermint and lemon to use and hopefully control my allergies. I am going to put it on my chest and around my head for the next week and see what happens. Hopefully, that will be one less medicine for me to take! 

Friday, February 26, 2016

Living out my daily adventures

Ok, so it is late at night...well, late for me anyway, as I am an early to bed/early to rise person, and I haven't posted in a while, but I had to post.

I have a new evening routine I have gotten into in the last week. I change into my pajamas and brush my teeth. Then I have a small set of exercises I do and use my muscle roller. After this, I put in my new mouth guard (which I am definitely noticing a difference with and am getting more used to) and lay in bed. I send my good night text msg to Mike, get comfortable and then begin my meditation. 

I've started this meditation app in the last week to try to help me cope with the stress and possible anxiety I have been feeling; Stop, Breathe and Think. It is a free app with some upgrades for purchase and, while I am not one to purchase anything on any app, I am thinking about doing it for this one. I am really enjoying the meditations it provides. You first rate how you feel mentally and physically and from there, it picks the meditations that you might most benefit from. 

Today's meditation I chose was Change. It talks about all the changes happening around you and to you every day and how we need to embrace them. It got me thinking about changes and things happening in my life and how, no matter if they seem bad, I have to take those changes and learn from them. Seems like a cheesy deep moment, I know, but I really needed to hear that today. 

In the quiet moments post meditation, my blog tag line came into my head; "every day is an adventure, live it up!" And I thought about how I feel like I haven't been living that mantra lately. Life has gotten me down with all of the drama and monotony that I forgot about living in the moment and really enjoying it. I am going to try to do that more now and in doing so, get back to writing about whatever I want, which is something I have not had a passion for lately. I have no idea what may come out of this, but if nothing else, hopefully some days will end with a mind more at peace. 

Here's to the adventure tomorrow will bring!