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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New Year, New Adventures!

Hurray for 2015!! My few week hiatus was for good cause, as I have adventures to tell of and hopefully more planned on the way! Delaware, Walt Disney World, Sea World, St. Augustine were all seen during my trip. I am excited to share the details with you and look forward to sharing not only my travels but my house and life adventures with you!

What is on the plate for me this month? Well besides report cards and Catholic Schools Week at school (gotta plan a lovely prayer service for that), I get to finally register my Wheels (aka my 2002 Ford Escape) as a Florida car! Yes, I have been driving around with a Delaware tag for the last 2 years, but that will all change soon enough! This month, I also get to experience the wonder of HOA fees, cleaning and saying goodbye to my first (and hopefully only) apartment, visiting new doctors, changing banks and starting a new IRA.

Sometimes, being adult is no fun.....I think I am going to go color now and watch a Disney movie.....catch you guys later......

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