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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Blogger Who?

As it has been a few years since I have been in the blogging field, I figured I would give a brief history of myself. If you are going to read or listen to what I have to say, it makes sense you should know at least a little about who you are talking to.

My name is Jessica. I grew up in Delaware close to Philadelphia. I have a Mom, Dad and little sister (I say little even though she is taller than me and 21 years old and I will always say little because as the big sister, it is one of the few things I can do).

I graduated from Neumann University as an Elementary Education and Special Education teacher with a minor in Music. My first year of teaching was in a school near my home and, to keep it blunt, it was a very difficult year in the public school system. I thought that I was a poor teacher and took the year roughly. As the year came to a close, I had found a new job and my adventure on my own began.

I had always wanted to move to Florida; besides the lovely warm temperatures for most of the year, one of my favorite places in the whole wide word is there -Walt Disney World. Since I was looking to re-evaluate my career, I figured it was the best time to make the move and start fresh. I packed up my things in the summer of 2012 with my family's help and moved to Kissimmee, Florida. I rented an apartment on my own and began a job working at the amazing Walt Disney World Resort. I made a great many friends and discovered how much I love being close to a main city with lots of activity and how awesome Florida is in general.

After working for nearly 2 years in the company, money began getting tight and while I searched for a second job, I stumbled upon the most lovely private school for students with special needs. I got a job as a long term substitute out of the blue and was offered a full time position for the fall. A lot of soul searching happened this past summer and I realized that teaching was the right path for me and while I tried at first to go part time or seasonal at Walt Disney World, it was not meant to be.

Oh, and if the stress of changing careers relatively randomly was not enough, I ran through the entire process of purchasing a house as well while this was all going on. And that is where my life is now, new home owner and a career as a High School Teacher to class of 10 wonderful students.

Through all of this I have had a huge pillar of support for the last 2 and a half years, my wonderful boyfriend, Mike. While we have had a long distance relationship for a good portion of our time together, he still has always found a way to take care of me no matter where he is. He is in his third year of medical school and is a huge catalyst to some of my more recent adventures. We both love to try new things and travel and learn together. Our most recent adventure? Trying to visit all of the lighthouses in Florida! (Yes, we have only seen 2 so far, but it is a start!)

Interests and hobbies? Well my biggest interest is Disney, I am fascinated by the workings of this company, even after having worked there for 2 years. The empire that Walt Disney created and the family values he centered it around are what keep people coming to those parks and I certainly hope to see those values continue. Besides Disney, I enjoy reading and books (I have a huge collection of those), cross stitching, cooking, crocheting, traveling and playing the flute, which I have been doing for over 20 years. I am not a huge movie/TV watcher, but I have recently gotten into Doctor Who. (Thus the title of this piece)

Things that I hope to learn to do and work on in the near future? Quilting out of T-shirts that I have, building bookshelves, making creme brûlée, and trying my hand at gardening come spring. All new adventures to try and that doesn't even count the places I want to travel to!

And, in case my writing style seems familiar at all, many people may know me by my previous blog persona, Lady Aurora. My previous blogging endeavor ended right before my move to Florida with The True Disney Fan. As you can guess by the name, my main focus for this website was everything Disney related. While I am sure I will talk about Disney with this blog as it is a large passion of mine, I would like a much more broader category to work in.

There is a bit about me! Any questions, feel free to leave comments below.

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