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Friday, November 14, 2014

Welcome to the Adventure!

"Adventure is out there!"

I may be only 26 years old, but I have learned this statement to be oh so true. From changing careers and then changing back again to moving a thousand miles away from home all alone to buying my first house, I have had some adventures in my short few years of adulthood.

That is not to say, however, that I think I have seen or done a lot. I have been out of my country only 3 times and never out of my continent. I have never seen the Grand Canyon or gone camping. I have never cooked a whole turkey on my own or painted a picture. I know some of these sound like silly little things, but I honestly believe that every happening, no matter how small, can be an adventure. 

(Heck, today I put together the computer chair that I am currently sitting in by myself and that was quite an adventure! Took me ten minutes to figure out how to screw the back in while holding the arm rests against it and keeping it supported and straight as I tightened the screws. Let's just say that it doesn't look like I will have to do any yoga this evening.)

Life throws many opportunities at you and how you handle those opportunities really decides what kind of life you will have. If you get angry with them, life can sometimes be difficult and exhausting. If you are scared, you will spend life hiding away and not really living it. As for me, I am working on consciously making every opportunity seem like a new adventure to have. "Why" you may ask and my answer would be simply "Why not?".  Life is going to happen regardless of how we react to it. Why not react positively? What is the harm in that? 

And why on Earth am I saying all of this? Well, it's clearly the introduction to my blog. Any Adventure Goes will literally cover the adventures that I tackle within my life. One day I may be talking about this great movie I saw, the next day I will post a recipe that I have created and maybe the day after that I will have some review of a restaurant that I went to. I could post pictures of home renovations that I am making or a great lesson plan that I came up with. Every one of these would be a new adventure for me and what is the point of having adventures if you cannot share it?

I will look for discussion and feedback too! I am very social and would love new ideas to try and comments on what I have done so far, so send them my way! 

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