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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Today's Adventure: Sea World's Polar Express

went to Sea World today to see their Christmas event. What I didn't know, and what is good to reference, is that the majority of their celebration happens after 5pm. It all sounded awesome; the Sea of Trees, the Christmas Marketplace, ice skating, I just was not planning on spending my whole day there today. I am still excited to see everything and will make a trip to see it, just now at a better time. 

The one Christmas attraction I did get to see was what called me to check it out to begin with. The radio commercials last year for The Polar Express had me so excited for it and it was open at 10 am today! I figured I would share my pictures from my Polar adventure. Look for more Sea World fun soon! 

So Excited!!
The pre-show looks like the boy's bedroom. 
It even whistles like the train!
We are loaded onto the train, the ride itself was quite gentle for a motion simulator
Gorgeous tree
Santa is even here!!!
The facades in general were not many, but added to the scenery well. They even were playing the music from the soundtrack throughout the entire attraction. 
How could I say no, especially to that price!
The exit, and yes, I do believe!

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