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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Today's Adventure: Osborne Lights!!

I love the Christmas season, it runs in my family and even though I try very hard to keep the holiday prep until after Thanksgiving, I just can't help but take opportunities when they are presented to celebrate. Osborne lights are one of those opportunities. Especially when you have a cold day like today, it just felt like Christmas!  I will talk more about my love of the lights another time, but I just had to post a favorite picture from tonight.

 Many things are hidden throughout the display; hidden mickeys, a black cat, a razorback, infamous leg lamp and so on. While searching for these hidden gems, this classic character was pointed out to me. Baby Sinclair is such a happy memory from my childhood! I actually had a stuffed doll of him when I was little that said classic phrases such as "Not the mama!" and "I'm the baby, gotta love me!" I was so excited to find this and had to share it out. 

What is your favorite part of the Osborne lights? Have you seen them before? What is your favorite song? Please leave your comments or questions  below and check out my Instagram page for video and pictures from the lights this evening.

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