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Friday, November 28, 2014

Today's Adventure: Black Friday

Back up north, my family and I would go to different shopping centers and just walk around on Black Friday. We would look at the people rushing around and take our time looking in shops we were interested in. Since I moved to Florida, I had always been working on Black Friday, so I never got to see what this shopping day is like here.

That all changed today! Mike and I dropped his car off at Firestone (they have some amazing deals this weekend, check them out if you have one nearby! Oil change, new wiper blades and a full inspection plus more for $26.99!) and we ventured to the mall.

My first time in Altamonte Springs Mall was very nice, not crazy crowded as you would assume and there is quite a good selection of stores. It is also far enough out of the tourist bubble in Orlando that you didn't have to worry about being mobbed by tour groups.

Other stores we perused include Michaels, Christmas Tree Shops, Home Depot, Target and Ashley Furniture. They one one of all of these stores that was actually crazy was Target, and that may just be because I live near a very small Target. We picked up small items here and there, saw some good deals but nothing that we really needed...

and then there was Walmart, where Mike and I found the television we have been looking at for weeks!  I haven't really had a television for the last two and a half years. I had an old RCA box television that I plugged my Playstation 2 into (yes, I am that far back in the electronic times), but nothing I could actually use for entertaining.

After doing our research, Mike and I decided on a Samsung 40 inch television and Walmart had it on sale for $297 today! Best buy of the day for us!

My Black Friday treat!

Did you get any great Black Friday buys??? Share with us below!

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